Increase Exhibitor and Attendee Engagement

MYS Networking allows attendees to communicate in real time, online with exhibitors during the event. Additionally, exhibitors and attendees can utilize the chat feature within the networking module to connect with other peers.

There are several benefits to adding the MYS Networking Module to your Hybrid Event platform:

  • Show organizers dictate what user groups can participate in using the chat functionality
  • Personal settings can be updated to allow or deny specific user groups initiate to chat
  • Attendees can explore new businesses and products live
  • Users have the ability to exchange contact information through virtual business cards and save for future follow-up
  • Users can send messages to idle chat users
  • All messages are saved to reference at a later time
  • Event management can easily measure the level of interaction between attendees and exhibitors

Interested in learning more about Networking?

 Watch the demo below:

Conact Us
Networking Infographic-9